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Elephantcandy music and sound mobile software company. Research-focused company that provides state-of-the-art analysis technology to the mobile (music) industry.

As partner I worked on ideas for mobile music apps and made all graphics. This could be UI design, websites, icons, mailings, video or anything other that was related to design. On-and offline - twitter, facebook and site visuals.

Appstore Elephantcandy 

Guppies in the Dark

Guppies in the Dark start up mobile app company which became Elephantcandy one year later. We worked in a small team to get our ideas out in the appstore. Graphics, art direction was my role. Besides our own apps we worked for clients such as: Linda, Han Hoogerbrugge, Mug met de Gouden Tand, the Dutch government and many more.

Appstore Guppies in the Dark